Policies and Procedures

A. Credit Terms – Net 7 day payment terms will be extended only upon completion and approval of Denver Foods credit application.

B. Ordering Procedures, Minimums, & Freight Costs – Orders can be placed anytime through the website, however, they will only be processed and confirmed during normal business hours, and they can only be picked up Monday-Friday and 8:30 AM-4:30 PM. Pickup orders must be placed by 4 PM, and 24 hours before your preferred pickup date. Delivery orders must be placed by 4 PM, two business days ahead of your delivery day.

Denver Foods has three delivery zones. Each zone has a different order minimum as well as a corresponding flat freight rate. Some additional charges may apply to certain areas within the following zones.

Zone 1 = 0-50 miles, $500 Minimum Order, Flat Freight Rate $50.
Zone 2 = 50-125 miles, $750 Minimum Order, Flat Freight Rate $75
Zone 3 = 125-200 miles, $1000 Minimum Order, Flat Freight Rate $100

We offer a 2% pick up allowance for all orders over $500.

For pickups no minimum will apply. Orders can be placed online, via phone: (717) 738-0454, by Fax: (717) 738-0418, or by email to orders@denverfoods.net

Freight Outside Zones – We can deliver nationwide with our outside carrier program. All delivery points outside our normal zones are on an individual quote basis. Or, if you would prefer you can arrange for your own freight carrier to pick up your order.

C. Delivery Schedule & Procedure – Denver Logistics handles most of our logistics needs. They schedule the orders before delivering, and are able to handle COD payments and returns. They do not handle cash, so choose from the payment options listed below in point D. For detailed delivery times or other information on your delivery, please call them at (717) 336-3900.

D. Payment & Return Policy – Denver Foods will accept the following payment options: Company or Personal checks if terms have been established, and Certified Check, Money Order, and Credit Card (MasterCard & VISA) if no terms have been established.
All returns or discrepancies on this invoice must be reported within 48 hours of delivery in order to receive credit. All returns or credits must be authorized by a Denver Wholesale Foods customer service person. There will be no charge for customers who return defective, damaged, or mispicked products. There will be a restock fee of 5% with a minimum of $10.00 for any item returned for any other reason.

E. Pallet Exchange – Denver Foods requires pallet exchange for all orders that leave the warehouse on pallets. Please be mindful of this and prepared when you receive a delivery and especially when you pick up at our warehouse, if you intend to take product away on pallets.

Customer Order Modification Memo

At Denver Wholesale Foods, we are grateful for each one of our customers. Because of you, we have experienced steady growth over the last 11 years. Occasionally, one of our customers will place an order and then, before that order is shipped, they will ask us to modify the order by removing some of the items that they ordered.

As you can imagine, this presents quite a challenge for us if the order is already built, since it leaves us with no choice except breaking down the pallet to get to the unwanted product. On the other hand, if we wait to build an order till the last minute, so we don’t have to tear pallets apart, we occasionally create such last-minute high volumes of orders that our warehouse personnel have difficulty dealing with the workload.

Because of our daily stream of new items, we allow our customers to order products up to three weeks before they need to be shipped. One of the things we have noticed is that sometimes, when a certain amount of cases is ordered, a customer may later decide they want to reduce the amount of cases ordered for one reason or another.

Due to the opportune nature of the closeout business, we always have limited quantities of our products and, in addition to that, sometimes they are close dated. That means that if a customer orders something three weeks in advance, and then later wants to remove them, we have not only lost our optimal time for selling them, but we may have cut them off other customer’s orders because your order was received first.

For all the above reasons, we want to remind you, that while add-ons are always welcome up until your order deadline; modifications reducing the size of orders are not. We request that all our customers only order items, and in quantities, that they are positive they can take. If you decide to modify your order, resulting in the need to breakdown an already built order, we will need to charge you our restocking fee which is listed at the bottom of each of our invoices.

Inventory Legend Key:  F = Frozen    R = Refrigerated    D = Dry    I = Institutional/Foodservice    C = Continuity Item   
S = Special Price     # = Check weight item

Date Legend:  PD - Production Date     UB - Use By Date     BB - Best By Date     FB - Freeze By Date     CS - Date on Case Only     SB - Sell By Date    EX - Expiration Date

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